Listed below are some frequently asked questions about Counselling & Psychotherapy, however, I can answer any further questions by text, email or by phone, see contact page.

Q. How much does a counselling/psychotherapy session cost?

The cost per session is €60.

Q. How long are sessions?

Sessions are generally 50-60 minutes long.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

This varies and depends on what initially brings you to therapy and what may arise during counselling sessions.

Q. How frequent are sessions?

Ideally, sessions take place weekly or bi-weekly and missed sessions are kept to a minimum. Best outcomes occur with consistent and regular meetings, which help us to connect more and create an environment of trust. Naturally, life events get in the way of attending every week; however, commitment is an important feature of success in therapy.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our cancellation policy on our Online Counselling Agreement

Q. When are you available?

I am available for Private Appointment daily with some evening appointments depending on availability

I provide Online Therapy via Skype and Telephone Counselling Internationally. To find out more information and to discuss your individual needs, please feel free to contact me.

Q. How does in person and online counselling therapy work?

Online counselling is similar to in person counselling in that you work together with your counselling psychotherapist to manage and overcome issue you would like to resolve, using online communication, rather than in a therapy room.

Therapy includes the Online Therapy Appointment and follow up resources to work with between counselling sessions. This between sessions therapeutic learning aims to deepen the therapeutic experience and support postive change.

Q. Why choose online counselling?

Online therapy is not restricted by geographical location

Time flexibility, appointment can be booked outside of office hours at a time that works for you. It also saves valuable travel time to and from a therapist venue.

Confidential in your space & at your time

Convenient - being able to book your support from a comfortable location that works for you.