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Tony 10 brilliantly charts how Tony O’Reilly went from putting a £1 double on Patrick Kluivert to score the first goal and Holland to beat Argentina 2-1 at the 1998 World Cup to gambling €10m and stealing €1.75m from the post office he managed. To the loss of his family,...

Talking Bollox Podcast

This is one of the most incredible stories we've heard yet, and the first time we have taken a deep dive into the world of problem gambling. Tony stole €1.75m from his employer to fund a gambling habit that got so out of control he lost €10m in total, including...

The Problem Gambling Podcast

Episode 1 of a new podcast, aiming to explore a wide variety of topics, surrounding problem gambling and gambling related harm. Presented by Tony O'Reilly and Barry Grant, this is an awareness raising project of registered charities, Problem Gambling Ireland and Extern. Barry Grant is an addiction counsellor and the...

Second Captains Podcast

Listen to Tony O’ Reilly being interviewed on the most popular podcast in Ireland. Tony O’Reilly, the former post office manager who went to jail for stealing 1.75 million euro to feed his gambling addiction. Tony explains how he got in so deep and how he has managed to turned...


Former Post Office manager Tony O'Reilly stole €1.75 million from the Post Office and lost €10 million through one Paddy Power betting account before being sent to prison. Watch the Interview

All Bets Are Off

Baz Ashmawy examines Ireland’s relationship with gambling in “All Bets Are Off”. This clip shows him interviewing Tony O’ Reilly about his gambling addiction. Watch the Interview

The 2 Norries Podcast

On this episode we're joined by Tony O'Reilly who is an experienced Addiction Counsellor who specialises in Gambling Addiction. Tony is also the author of the remarkable book Tony 10 which tells the tale of how he became front-page news in 2011 after he stole €1.75 million from An Post while...

Life changing – Jane Garvey

Jane Garvey talks to Tony O’Reilly about the moment his gambling addiction cost him his job, his marriage and ultimately his freedom. Listen to the Interview